Elected (APA President: 2022)

Frank C. Worrell, PhD

For APA President

Welcome to the website for my campaign for the Presidency of the American Psychological Association and thanks for dropping by.

Psychology’s contributions to society have never been more important and more necessary. Beyond the critical need for health service psychologists to deal with the mental health and behavioral concerns related to COVID-19 and belated worldwide recognition of the much longer pandemic of racism, there are many other ongoing issues that health service psychologists are dealing with. Psychologists are also on the forefront in helping individuals maximize their potential in the academic, aesthetic, athletic, and vocational arenas. APA is currently the only home for psychologists from all research subdisciplines and types of practice, and it is critical for APA to continue to be a vital contributor and leader. I believe that as President, I can contribute to APA’s mission of serving psychologists and developing and using psychological science to serve society. You can view the video of my statement here, and APA’s campaign website has a personal biography as well as my responses to several questions posed by APA, here.


At this point, I ask that you take a look at my qualifications and the experience that I bring from my involvement in APA and in other spheres and consider giving me your Number 1 vote. And feel free to send questions my way. I look forward to engaging with you.


  • Assessing the implementation of the 2019 Strategic Plan
  • Ensuring all voices are welcome within APA
  • Evaluating the transition to the combined C3/C6 membership structure
  • Practicing fiscal responsibility
  • Supporting open governance


  • Increasing the pipeline for underrepresented groups in psychology
  • Advocacy for funding for basic and applied psychological science
  • Advocacy for timely and appropriate reimbursement for mental and behavioral health
  • Advocacy for funding for the education of psychological scientists and practitioners
  • Highlighting the contributions of applied psychological practice


  • Communicating the critical role that psychological knowledge plays in schools and society
  • Facilitating organizational partnerships to increase the reach and impact of psychology
  • Supporting the development of autonomous psychological associations in other countries
  • Using psychological knowledge to address current, urgent issues in the public sphere (e.g., health disparities affecting ethnic-racial and sexual minorities, violence against people of color).

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About Frank

Frank C. Worrell is a Professor of School Psychology in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley, and an affiliate Professor in Personality and Social Psychology in the Psychology Department. His areas of expertise include at-risk youth, cultural identities, scale development, talent development, teacher effectiveness, time perspective, and the translation of psychological research findings into practice.